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People Should Carry evidence Of Travel Reasons If Exceeding 2km Limit

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Schools will reopen from tomorrow, while density limits will apply within gyms, hospitality and retail settings. Breaking the rules can attract fines of up to $19,826.40 for individuals. As an organisation, failure to comply could attract fines of up to $99,132. Restrictions will continue and be extended for another seven days from 6am on Friday 16 July 2021 for South East Queensland. Other reasonable excuses can be found on the NSW Government’s website by clicking here. Further details on the worker’s permit scheme are available here.

  • Melbourne dealerships are closed under Stage 4 restrictions and are scheduled to re-open on September 13.
  • As police monitored the coast line, nearby joggers made the most of an hour’s worth of outdoor exercise, deemed vigorous, which allows them to leave home with a mask.
  • Please check on the map where the centre of the circle has landed as, if you’re on a long road, it may be a little distance from your place.

If you are a parent or guardian who is caring for a young child or someone who cannot be left unattended then they may accompany you. On August 4, exercise was banned for people who are meant to be isolating at home. You are only allowed to leave your home during curfew for work, essential health, care or safety reasons.

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The Garda had also taken other measures to minimise the number of members meeting with each other, including meetings be done over the phone. Pre-shift briefing, known as parading time, was being conducted where possible in premises beside Garda stations rather than in stations. Mr Harris said a range of measures had been taken within the Garda to keep members of the force as safe as possible. This included distribution of personal protection equipment and changing how rosters were organised to avoid teams of personnel overlapping on duty.

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The stay-at-home directions continue – there are still only five reasons in which you should leave your home, and residents are restricted to a 5km radius of their home. Those without a driver’s licence may accept a lift with someone from within the same household, if they are leaving their home for one of the five authorised reasons. For example, “driving a household member who is an authorised worker or works for an authorised provider, and who does not have a driver’s licence, to or from work”. For now, interstate travel is restricted for those currently within South-East Queensland, Townsville and Palm Island.

Essential services are permitted to continue during Stage 4 restrictions, including disability services providing essential supports. The Victorian roadmap to reopening has different levels of restrictions at each step. We are currently in Step 3 which means disability services remain Restricted to providing essential services. People with disability have the same access to the community as everyone else. Due to the risk of community transmission attendance at a centre based disability service should only occur if considered essential.

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Another head-scratcher has been the rule limiting movement in the city to 5km from home. This apparent loophole, allowing people to travel relatively vast distances beyond their home, has now been closed with the rules now revised to be more specific. The requirement to wear face coverings applies when people are outside of their home for one of the four reasons. It does not apply to residents while they are in the residential service. It does apply to the facility’s staff and visitors inside the facility and when a resident leaves the facility for one of the four reasons. It depends on whether the resident’s clinical condition requires hospital care.

An 8pm curfew has been introduced meaning that from 8pm to 5pm daily, the only acceptable reasons for not being at home during these hours will be to give or receive care or to work. Police will be out during curfew hours performing checks on anyone who is not at home. Victoria’s borders are partially open, in so far that Victoria is a no-go zone for all other states. Both NSW and SA have shut their borders with Victoria, except for essential services and those with a permit/exemption. However, no permit is required to enter Victoria from another state.