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Maps and guidebooks may be purchased in our online shop, and guide services are available through several local outdoor schools. For those who want to take in the viewpoints but do not necessarily need to ride one of the inclines, street parking is readily available on Mount Washington. For the most part Grandview Avenue has a mix of metered parking, permit parking, and restricted parking, but depending on the time of day you visit finding a spot may be difficult.

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  • Pittsburgh’s skyline is a major highlight along Grandview Avenue in Mount Washington.
  • Many of the trails below the tree line will be called ‘nature trails’.
  • Rupert Marden, age 21, of Brookline, MA, died November 11, 1933, of exhaustion and exposure in Tuckerman Ravine after a climb in a snowstorm on the Lion Head Trail.
  • Louis Carl Haberland, age 27, of Roslindale, MA, died October 13, 1941, from exhaustion and exposure on the Caps Ridge Trail on Mt. Jefferson.
  • Routes from the western slopes include the Ammonoosuc Ravine and Jewell trails and the Crawford Path and Gulfside Trail .
  • The return hike can take just as long and is nearly as difficult.

After a further 2.4 km (1.5 miles) of rocks and bushes, you reach the boulder field restaurants in lunenburg ns at the bottom of the ravine. The trail is not difficult and is followed via the painted marks on the rocks, leading to a steeper slope with loose rocks known as the Fan. A straight return is a little less than 14 km (8.6 miles), so allow for a full day of hiking. From here it is a gentler hike along the north rim of the Tuckerman Ravine to re-join the Tuckerman Ravine trail for the final kilometre to the summit.

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Rob Douglas, age 39, of Vershire, VT, died March 7, 2004, from a fall in Pipeline Gully on Mt. Clay. He fell while attempting to descend an icy ski gully to help a fellow skier who was injured in a fall down the same gully. Jason Gaumond, age 28, of Southbridge, MA, died January 30, 2004, from a fall in Huntington Ravine while trying to descend the Huntington Ravine Trail. William Callahan, age 57, of Meansville, GA, died September 29, 2002, from cardiac arrest on the summit. Peter Busher, age 71, of Chester Gap, VA, died September 11, 2002, from hypothermia while trying to hike across the Presidential Range on the Gulfside Trail in a freezing rain storm. John Gringas, age 44, of Meriden CT, died May 29, 1999, from cardiac arrest on the summit.

Mount Washington

Highs of 0 °F (−18 °C) or below occur on 13 days annually, while lows at or below 0 °F can be expected from November 17 through April 1; from December to March, temperatures rise above freezing on only 15 days. A geology party, headed by Manasseh Cutler, named the mountain in 1784. The Crawford Path, the oldest continuously maintained hiking path in the United States, was laid out in 1819 from Crawford Notch to the summit and has been in use ever since.

Patrick Scott Powers, age 46, of Mansfield, MA, died on January 9, 2012, from injuries from an 800 foot fall down Tuckerman Ravine Headwall. Thomas Burke, age 46, of Springfield NH, and Scott Sandburg, age 32 of Arlington, MA, died November 29, 2002, in an early season avalanche when attempting an ice climb on the Tuckerman Ravine Headwall. A Boy Scout Troop Leader died from a sudden cardiac arrest on July 22, 2002, 200 feet up from the start of the Crawford Path. Hillary Manion, age 22, of Ottawa ON, Canada, died on June 3, 2001, from a fall onto rocks while skiing The Chute in Tuckerman Ravine.

Rupert Marden, age 21, of Brookline, MA, died November 11, 1933, of exhaustion and exposure in Tuckerman Ravine after a climb in a snowstorm on the Lion Head Trail. Allan Ormsbee, age 28, of Brooklyn, NY, died June 30, 1900, of exhaustion and exposure a few hundred feet from the summit. Harry W. Hunter, age 21, of Pittsburgh, PA, died September 3, 1874, near the foot of the cone of the mountain of exhaustion and exposure during an ascent by the Crawford Path in cold and rain. Lizzie Bourne, age 23, of Kennebunk, ME, died September 13, 1855 of exhaustion and exposure almost at the summit after an ascent in stormy weather by the Glen House Bridle Path. As of this publication’s deadline, the most recent fatal accident happened on April 11, 2019. Nicholas Benedix, 32, of Campton, New Hampshire, was buried in an avalanche while skiing alone in the Raymond’s Cataract area northeast of Tuckerman Ravine.

MOUNT WASHINGTON, Ky. — Mount Washington businesses want more people to shop local and have found a way to reward customers that do so. Mount Washington businesses want more people to shop local and have found a way to even reward customers that do so. Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to see Mt. Washington. He noted seeing “high interior mountains” from the coast as he sailed north in 1524. The books about Mt. Washington range from children’s literature to expert hiking guides.

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On January 16, 2004, the summit weather observation registered a temperature of −43.6°F (−42.0°C) and sustained winds of 87.5 mph (140.8 km/h), resulting in a wind chill value of −102.59 °F (−74.77 °C) at the mountain. On January 16, 2004, the wind chill on the summit never went above −50 °F (−46 °C). The official record high temperature at the summit is 72 °F (22 °C) on June 26, 2003, and August 2, 1975, while the official record warm daily minimum is 60 °F (16 °C) on the latter date. Readings of 60 °F or more at the summit are seen on an average 13.5 days annually. The weather of Mount Washington is notoriously erratic.