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My uncle just died a couple of days ago and I’m being pressured by his son to sign the family plot over to his family for the burial. I loved my uncle, but I’m very angry and hurt that no one told me about that plot, which was rightfully my mother’s. I would have buried her there next to her parents and sister. I believe my Uncle’s family didn’t tell me about the plot, because his health was bad and they wanted it for him. I think its very selfish of them and unfair and disrespectful to me and my mother.

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  • Since Filipino society is very close, people are expected to come together to grieve in groups rather than do so privately.
  • Do you have a primary care doctor who you trust?
  • These things need to be expressed.
  • They had stop talking to me a long time because of something I did which was for a good thing but they though I was doing it to find out information about them.
  • My brothers father died this past Saturday.
  • Help me a little to late my brother dead.

One of them was that I didn’t know he was so grumpy. I’m not trying to put him down but he was just a grumpy guy! When someone we love passes, it leaves a hole in our heart and sometimes a lack of closure.

What Happens When Someone Dies And Doesnt Have Family?

My dad also had a problem with alcohol and depression and I think he was just brainwashed by her. Nothing was left in the will for his children which really hurts. I loved my dad although at times I did not like the person he was he was horrible to my mom verbally and mentally abusive and very angry growing up. It has been very hard since his death because you do have all these mixed feelings, if it was only grief you were feeling, it might be easier in some senses to process that one emotion.

Family Misunderstanding After A Death

I don’t even mind if people give examples of when they lost someone. recommended you read They are trying to connect the best they know how. At least they aren’t avoiding me. It is so hard to know what to say. I never realized I may be driving people nuts when I was doing the same thing. I do try not to talk about my own loss, though.

Perhaps someday your daughter will know your truth – maybe from your father or your sister. Sounds like you were the only one who made it out of there. My husband of 17 years is dying of cancer. He HS beome so verbally and emotionally abusive to me and our two children over the past year. I knew this girl and she passed today. She had left my friend alone and I yelled at her.

They believe that they can charm anyone and, initially, they often do. His son must be about 25 by now. Also, I could never leave my animals.

Your mother sounds like she is guilty of manipulating your daughter. She may have acted like a saint towards your daughter. And I too am doing everything to give her a loving thoughtful send off. I don’t want any more regrets than I know I will already have. I think all anyone really needs is to be able to put that sadness into perspective to feel better.

Health Care Power Of Attorney

Susan — Kathe Kollwitz happens to be one of my favorite artists. It often seems like the work she left behind is overlooked. I’m actually surprised that she is not mentioned much… At least when compared to other artists of her time. Brian , yes almost every person faces this comment, this is not art, my opinion is art , something that leaves the world a better place. Brings a smile on your face, changes the environment from what it was into something more , brighter, exciting, colorful, positive.

Since his death, I’ve been surprised by all kinds of feelings of guilt, regret, sadness, and imaginings of what a better relationship with him would have been like. I am sorry we never got a chance to make up or have a great relationship while you were on earth. You taught me many things good and bad.