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In Art’s situation, I don’t feel he waited long enough to grieve properly and let his life unfold naturally. Instant gratification, so sad and too bad. I don’t wish Art any misfortane, but I will no longer be a fan. I feel we are all connected and should care about each other, but that doesn’t mean that we agree with the mistakes of those of which we care. It is also sad when people sell their soul to kiss the behind of a celebrity, just because they are somebody famous. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.

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  • And then I think maybe that’s what I want.
  • Why because relationships are not perfect.
  • Ramona’s death and the mail-order child bride fall into the gray area of legality.
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Dejected by friends, co-workers, and community they may say – well at least I have my family. Family is supposed to be there for each other. For many, their family has always been the weight that keeps them grounded and their beacon in the storm. Hi Miranda, sorry for what your situation is. I feel your pain with the situation because my dad is in the same situation as your mom.

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For example, there are politically conservative shows that use music by Rage Against the Machine as opening music. The irony being that Rage Against the Machine leans politically Left. I’m sure the hosts of those shows know that… BUT they clearly feel that they can apply the song lyrics to their ideology.

But can you imagine, finding out about your son’s death on Facebook? I was not close to my nephew and do not fully understand all the problems between his wife, himself, and my sister, but I find this heartwrenching and inexcusable. That no one could think beyond themselves and pick up the phone and tell my sister that her son had died. My nephew’s half-sister also appears to have gone ballistic (again, I don’t understand–I am not involved), but the childishness and infighting and anger astounds me.

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My husband had a silent heart attack and passed away right at the theatre. They shut down the theatre lowest price and called an ambulance.. I tried to give him CPR, Compressions.. He was announced dead in the ambulance.

Ways To Understand And Cope With These Complicated Feelings

I have my own frustrations with the fact that they included my husband, myself, and our children in the obituary as if we had a relationship with his family. Now, I’m left with a mix of emotions about attending the memorial. The only reason I am posting today is because I thought about my ex mother in law again and how much of a relief her death was. She was making my life hell for about a year since I split from her son and I didn’t know how much more I could take. My ex wasn’t backing me up and I was beyond frustrated.

I have so many mixed feelings now that he’s gone. I haven’t cried one tear but I’m not happy that he’s gone. I feel sort of uncomfortably numb.

I think many of the women in Art’s audience are collectively relieved that we most definitely do not have a chance with Art Bell. At least amongst the denials, Clinton had the decorum to admit it was purely physical. Bill isn’t the only one who couldn’t keep it in his pants at a most critical juncture. And not by “love” or sex, either. If Art had admitted his trip was nothing but sex, we would still be disgusted, but I think we would understand, eventually–grief and all.

At one time she even said that she didn’t think our dad was her father. How hurtful for him to be told that. I miss him so much and grieve for him and grief for my mum losing him after 60 years of marriage. Now going through a nightmare of her hurtful behavior toward me. Is it time to let go, I think it may be the only option.

The C2C audience accepted Ramona’s death until the wedding announcement made her death look suspicious. So, with that in mind, today I searched LexisNexis using the search term “Art Bell” over the last six months. It came up with next to nothing under any category.